Canon Canonet QL17


Canon Canonet QL17Canon Canonet QL17Canon Canonet QL17Canon Canonet QL17Canon Canonet QL17Canon Canonet QL17


The first of a new Canonet series developed for compactness and lighter weight.
The camera was about 20 mm narrower, 4 mm shorter, and 30 percent lighter than the previous Canonet. To make it more compact, the lens focal length was shortened to 40mm, resulting in a wider angle lens. A Speedlite (Canolite D) which did away with complicated Guide No. calculations was also introduced. The flash aperture was set automatically to suit the flash output and subject distance. This was the fully-automatic flash system called CATS (Canon Auto Tuning System) incorporated for the first time.

With this feature, picture-taking with EE was completely automatic for both night and day.

New Canonet QL17-L(released in June 1970) was an improved version of the New Canonet QL17, this camera’s viewfinder had a battery check zone near the f/5.6 mark. By pressing the battery check button, you could check the battery level in the viewfinder. Other specifications and features were the same as the New Canonet QL17. “L” was for Luxury.

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