Leica Minilux


Leica MiniluxLeica MiniluxLeica MiniluxLeica MiniluxLeica MiniluxLeica MiniluxLeica Minilux


  • High-quality 35mm compact camera with titanium body
  • High-speed Leica Summarit 40mm lens (f/2.4)
  • Automatic exposure or aperture priority (preselected aperture setting)
  • Manual or automatic focusing from 28 inches to infinity
  • Automatic lens protection cap

Check the video below to see some photos shot with the Leica Minilux:

The Leica Minilux is a topnotch 35mm compact camera that boasts an extremely attractive and durable titanium housing combined with a high-speed Summarit 40mm lens. The Minilux is a little heavier than most compact cameras, and is intended for the serious-minded amateur photographer who insists on the very best. It offers an aperture priority mode, allowing you to manually set the aperture before shooting your picture (the camera will automatically choose the shutter speed). The Minilux also features either automatic or manual focusing. The exposure meter is center-weighted for precise metering, and the built-in flash fires automatically in low light. This camera is guaranteed to net you impressive results and last nearly a lifetime.

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