Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 Lens


Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 LensMamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 LensMamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 LensMamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 LensMamiya RZ 67 Pro II + 180mm F4.5 Lens


  • The RZ67 Professional II is a 6x7 medium format SLR camera that creates stunning portraits and breathtaking close-up photography.  A user-friendly blend of mechanical dependability and electronic convenience, the RZ67II's robust construction and surprising portability let you shoot with ease both in the studio and on location.  Perhaps best of all, the RZ67 System uses uncompromising professional lenses to produce large detail-rich transparencies and negatives that deliver clarity and punch unparalleled in smaller formats.

    Mamiya's follow-up to the extremely popular original RZ67 Professional, the Pro II adds the conveniences of: audible darkslide-in warning, half-stop shutter speeds for easier exposure balance, and fine focus gearing for easier critical focus.  In 2004 Mamiya introduced the RZ67 Pro IID with Mamiya Serial Communication (MSC) for easier interacing and use with compatible digital backs; The Pro II remains popular because it has effectively identical features aside from MSC.

    Key Features

    • A legend, updated
    • Half-stop shutter speed settings
    • Not compatible with original RZ winders and AE finder
    • Fine focus control on right focus knob with lower gear ratio for ease and precision
    • Audible dark slide warning
    • +All the original RZ67 features:
    • Medium format SLR camera designed for high-end professional use
    • 6x7 format for ultimate image quality, maximum enlargement & cropping capability
    • Huge focus screen for easy viewing
    • Exceptionally versatile both in the studio and on location
    • Fully modular system: interchangeable focus screens, finders, backs, and lenses
    • Bellows focusing mechanism for easy focusing and close-up work
    • Easy to use left and right hand focus knobs
    • Convient focus scale marked with close focus exposure compensation values for different lenses
    • All lenses have Leaf Shutters for flash sync at all shutter speeds (1/400s to B)
    • Electronically timed shutter speeds with RZ lenses for maximum exposure consistency
    • Uses one PX28 / 4LR44 battery or equivalent
    • Mechanical back-up shutter speed option (1/400s) in case of battery failure
    • RZ lens shutter speeds set by convenient on camera speed selector dial
    • Also useable with RB67 System Lenses (no electronic capabilities)
    • Revolving back mechanism effortlessly rotates from vertical to horizontal compositions
    • Fast lever advance mechanism readies camera, lens, and film back for next shot
    • Auto-exposure capable when combined with an AE finder
    • Auto-advance capable when combined with an RZ Winder
    • Connections for electronic cable release and standard mechanical cable release
    • Mirror lock-up mechanism
    • One touch multiple-exposure switch
    • Surprisingly light for a big SLR camera (particularly when fitted with a Waist Level Finder and 110mm lens)


    Available accessories include AE II Finder, RZ67 System 120 & 220 Film Backs, RZ Winder II, RZ Grips, Extension Tubes, and the vast assortment of Mamiya RZ67 and RB67 Professional Lenses.

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