Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8C


Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8CRollei Rolleiflex 2.8C


As the best TLRs in the world, Rolleiflex are the most desired TLR model in the nostalgic film photographers. 2.8F model is no doubt the diamond on the crown. I think the paramount of Rollei brand is around the era that 2.8f was manufactured, until when the great founders and partners,Frank and Heideck's name were no longer engraved on its cameras. FX or GX are not comparable to 2.8F, mechanically as well as aesthetically. This copy is a excellent+ condition 2.8C, which you can refer to the pics. This is the latest version and which makes it rare is that it has the 10 blades aperture which is perfect for the bokeh and portrait shooting! Only very few of the Rollei 2.8 versions are made in 10 blades iris, most of them only have 5. The optical and mechanical condition please refer to the detailed description. Generally speaking, it is in great condition. This copy has the original cap, genuine leather case (which is rare for the monk head)and meter cover. NR auctions, sells for sure! Don't miss the chance.

Overall Condition: Excellent+ 

The camera has minimal use marks. Some paint loss spot on the edge. The camera is extremely new concerning its 50+ years age.


  • Shutter works properly at both low and high speed.
  • Aperture/shutter speed dails works smoothly.
  • The focus knob works silky smooth as it should. 
  • Self-timer works.
  • No other specific defect detected.

Optical system

  • Viewfinder is very clear without scratches or dirt.
  • Both lens has no fungus/haze/separation/coating loss or any other defects.
  • The taking lens has tiny hair line scratches which you can see it the pictures, which will absolutely have no effect to the image quality.


  • Original metal lens cap.
  • Original leather strap.

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