Leica M6 Black (Body Only)


Leica M6 Black (Body Only)Leica M6 Black (Body Only)Leica M6 Black (Body Only)Leica M6 Black (Body Only)


The Leica M6 is arguably Leica's most advanced mechanical camera. It features a 0.72x viewfinder which has frame lines for six different lenses ranging from 28mm to 135mm. It features a large shutter dial and smooth film advance that make for a pleasurable shooting experience. It is compatible with nearly all Leica M-Mount Lenses.

See this camera in action in the videos below:

Joe Greer is an incredible street photographer and the Leica M6 is his go-to camera:

This camera features a rangefinder focusing system that allows the user to compose by the use of frame lines instead of looking through the lens. The Leica M6 also features TTL (Through The Lens) light metering for accurate exposure. The construction is made from zinc and brass, showing the durability and the build quality of this camera.

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