Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592


Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592Pentax 67II (body only) no. 4536592


The Pentax 67II is a SLR medium format system film camera for 120 and 220 film, producing images on the film nominally 6 cm by 7 cm in size, made by Pentax.The Pentax 6×7 has a dual bayonet lens mount, and a wide range of interchangeable Takumar and later SMC Pentax 67-designated lenses exist. More than forty years after the original camera introduction a wide selection of lenses is still available, together with the latest Pentax 67II variant.

The original PENTAX 67 was the world's first medium-format camera to offer a highly maneuverable SLR-type body design. The 67II takes this tremendous advantage a step further, with various refinements designed to improve its operability and holding comfort. Its grip, in particular, is flawlessly designed and perfectly contoured to offer the highest level of operability and maneuverability for handheld shooting in the field. All other refinements were incorporated to meet the demands of active field photographers by harmonizing PENTAX's experience and expertise in SLR camera manufacturing with the latest camera technologies.

 The 67II's 6x7 format offers an image area more than four times larger than the smaller 35mm format.

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