Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)


Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)Canon EOS-1 (Body Only)


The EOS-1 is a 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera body produced by Canon. It was announced by Canon in 1989, and was the professional model in the range. The camera also had a successor, the Canon EOS-1N, in 1994.

The original EOS-1 was launched in 1989. It was the company's first professional-level EOS camera and was aimed at the same photographers who had used Canon's highly respected, manual focus professional FD mount SLRs, such as the Canon New F-1 and the Canon T90. On a physical level the EOS-1 resembled the T90, which had been designed for Canon by Luigi Colani. The EOS-1 had a single centrally-mounted autofocus point, plus basic weather sealing.

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