Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)


Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)Canon EOS ELAN (Body Only)


This was the world’s first AF SLR camera which incorporated the concept of silent operation.

The newly-developed silent mechanisms reduced film advance noise and rewind noise by one-eighth to one-half the level of previous models. The built-in flash’s coverage adjusts automatically (auto zoom) to suit the lens focal length. Red-eye reduction, second-curtain sync, and flash exposure compensation were other flash features. The Quick Control Dial on the camera back also enables real-time exposure compensation adjustment while you looked through the viewfinder. It was a feature-laden, mid-class multi-mode 35mm AF SLR.

EOS 100 panorama (released in November 1993) was an EOS 100 QD with a panorama frame.(Japanese version only)

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