Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2


Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2Contax 645 with 80mm Carl Zeiss Planar f/2


The Contax 645 is regarded as one of the best film medium format bodies ever created.  It's an AF (Autofocus) SLR camera designed to shoot incredible lenses on the 6x4.5cm format.  Contax 645 lenses are designed by Zeiss, feature the legendary Carl Zeiss T* multi-coating, and produce images of exceptional color contrast and clarity.  The body Contax 645 AF body offers a unqiue mixture of functionality not found elsewhere.

The 645 boasts many advanced features more often found on advanced 35mm SLRs while offering the better quality of medium format.  The camera features TTL light metering and can be paired with a very bright prism or a waist-level finder.  It features a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second and a flash sync speed of 1/125s as well as exposure compensation, auto bracketing, mirror lock-up, a built-in motor drive (1.6fps), and TTL flash metering capabilities with Contax compatible Flashes like the TLA-360.  The body also features an innovative integrated pre-flash TTL metering system that works with practically any flash (including studio lights) by testing the flash output before the exposure.  A 220 Vacuum Film Back is also available for those seeking the absolute flattest film plane possible.

True to Contax form, the mechanical design and physical construction are excellent and extremely well thought out.  Controls are logical and convenient and the relatively compact carbon fiber re-enforced shell saves weight while without sacrificing structural rigidity.

The Contax 645 is truly a landmark professional camera.  If you shoot medium format or want to shoot medium format it's an excellent choice.  You'll find it's one of the very best camera designs ever.

The Carl Zeiss Planar lens is the most successful camera lens design ever created. This nearly symmetrical layout provides the lens designer with numerous means to correct aberrations extraordinarily well, even at wide open apertures. This design is the ideal basis for high-performance lenses with great color correction, high speed, flat image plane (this is where the name Planar originates) and low distortion. The Planar design is the basis for nearly all professional "workhorse" lenses on the earth and used in space today. FEATURES INCLUDE: 47.2 degree field of view 6 elements in 5 groups Filter size: 72mm

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