Membership | Film Pro Plus





This membership choice is meant for resellers such as small labs and ultra-high volume shooters who need more than 200 rolls or 40 propacks of film per month.

This membership tier has no overall limit based on volume.  However, at this tier we reserve the right to cap purchase of individual products per order.  These caps may come and go during times of supply chain disruption just as they might with any distributor. 

We cannot refund Film Pro Plus memberships on a pro rated basis.  Once you purchase the membership, it is good for one year.  If you cancel, your year will run out and then the membership will simply not renew at your next renewal date.

Purchasing this membership means you agree to these terms.

If you are a small lab and you resell film, you must contact support at film supply dot club with your reseller certificate to complete your setup after completing checkout with this membership.

Check out with this membership in your cart (and nothing else in your cart) to join and get all the benefits of Film Supply Club.

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