Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 120 -- closeout!
Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 120 -- closeout!

Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 120 -- closeout!

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These carriers are on closeout sale! 


Negative Supply offers comprehensive systems for scanning your negatives or positives at home with your own DSLR or mirrorless camera and macro lens. This system makes it fast and easy to scan strips or uncut rolls of film.


We carry Negative Supply's complete starter kits (see the Complete Basic Kit, which includes 35mm and 120 carriers) but you can also dip your toe into home scanning with individual components.


This 120 carrier handles what's arguably the hardest part of at-home scanning: getting your negatives to stay in place and moving them from frame to frame.  Add your own light source and copy stand to this carrier, and you are ready to go!



  • Basic Film Carrier 120

  • Standard scanning guides



Negative Supply's modular system can be configured in many ways depending on your film scanning needs.  Please contact us with any questions about choosing the kit that's right for you, or placing a special order for a customized setup.


Note: this product will ship from our partner and will not ship with the rest of your order if you order any other item at the same time.  Negative Supply kits cannot be expedited, and will typically ship out within 5 business days.  Some individual kit elements can be back-ordered throughout the year, and we will contact you if there is a part backorder affecting fulfillment of your order.  You may also contact us to verify fulfillment timeline before purchase.

This item has a 7-day return policy.  For orders to Canada, please contact directly before purchase.