Pentax LX (Complete Kit)


Pentax LX (Complete Kit)


The Pentax LX is a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by Pentax in Japan. It was introduced in 1980 and produced until 2001. The LX uses the K mount which is the Pentax proprietary bayonet lens mount. It has manual and aperture-priority automatic exposure modes. It is the top-of-the-line "professional" or "system" camera in the Pentax manual focus range and has a large range of accessories. Compared with contemporary professional camera bodies from rival manufacturers, like the Canon New F-1 or Nikon F3, the LX body is smaller and lighter, weighing in at 570 grams (20 ounces) with a standard FA-1 finder.

Due to the peculiar font used for the Pentax LX logo, the model is sometimes misspelled as ILX.

This kit includes:
-Pentax LX (Late Body)
-Pentax LX Data Back (Clock)
-Pentax LX Winder
-SMC Pentax 28mm f/3.5 Shift Lens

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