Zenza Bronica ETRSI + Accessories


Zenza Bronica ETRSI + AccessoriesZenza Bronica ETRSI + AccessoriesZenza Bronica ETRSI + AccessoriesZenza Bronica ETRSI + Accessories


Advanced, compact, modular electronic 6x4.5 cm SLR camera system with a vast array of finders, backs, and other accessories. Seventeen lenses with leaf shutters were made for the system from a fisheye, to four different zooms, to a 500mm super telephoto, to a unique 55mm tilt shift lens. Introduced October 1989.

  • Improved version of ETRS
  • Mirror lockup
  • TTL flash metering
  • Warning flag in the viewfinder when using multiple exposures
  • Bulb shutter setting
  • The advance mechanism is redesigned and greatly improved
  • Capable of through-the-lens off-the-filmplane (TTL-OTF) flash exposure
  • Improved back design (Ei) with locking darkslide

This package also includes a polaroid back, extension bellows, side grip, and case.

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