Because film is a perishable item and is sensitive to heat, moisture or direct sunlight, we cannot guarantee the the film you want to return has been stored correctly or has not been exposed to harsh elements. Since we only sell fresh film, and it's what you expected when you placed an order, we can't guarantee film that has been in the hands of someone else and the return policy on film is that we do not accept returns. 

 We know that you are probably trustworthy but unfortunately, some people are not. There are lots of ways to sell film you don't want and lots of people who want it. We just can't take it back. We hope you understand and it's a policy set in place to get you the freshest film possible.


All Cameras in the shop have a 30 Day warranty for any functionality issues. We accept returns, exchanges or if there is something wrong with the camera, we have a partnership with a repair shop and will cover the repair costs. All of the cameras in the shop are 2nd hand at a minimum of 10-20 years old with some being 40+ years old. We test our cameras and do our best to make sure everything is functioning correctly but they are old and sometimes delicate. 

 On another note, we are not a rental shop. We accept returns within 30 days of your purchase but if you decide you no longer want the camera you bought, we will purchase it back at a discount if it is not damaged.