Panasonic 2CR5 6V Lithium Battery

Panasonic 2CR5 6V Lithium Battery

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The Panasonic 2CR5 6V Lithium battery is used in a variety of cameras, including the Contax 645.  It is also used in some point-and-shoots, including some Canon SureShots.


You should always reference both a camera manual and a battery list when buying a battery for a new (or new-to-you) camera.  It is not unusual for different generations of similar cameras to use different batteries.


Some older camera manuals will list obsolete battery names and some differ across battery brands.  This is a replacement for: 2CR5M, 5032LC, DL245, EL2CR5, KL2CR5, RL2CR5.  That is not an exhaustive list.



  • Panasonic 2CR5 Lithium 6 Volt Batteries

  • Capacity 1400 mAh

  • 6.0 V

  • 8.4 Wh