Canon EOS A2E (body only)


Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)Canon EOS A2E (body only)


The Canon EOS A2E was also known as the EOS5.


Body SN: 8802748


We photograph each individual camera that we sell.  Please inspect photos for information about cosmetic condition.  Includes pictured strap.

This camera uses one 2CR5 battery.  Don't forget to add one to your cart!


Like other late 80s plastic-bodied SLRs of its type, its plastic construction belies its capabilities. 


This camera will give you the manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and program exposure modes which were developed throughout earlier decades; it also delivers multiple metering modes which are, as a rule, substantially more sophisticated than what some of those earlier stylish chrome bodies can offer.  See link to Canon's website at the end of this listing for full details.


Bonus: this camera uses EF-mount lenses.  If you already own full-frame EF lenses that you use with a DSLR, most or all of your lenses should be transferable.  You should always check specific compatibility lens by lens and body by body, but if you enjoy shooting both film and digital (or are digital-only with a stable of EF lenses), this cross-compatibility lets you put the money you would have needed to spend on new lenses into film instead. 


Per Canon, "The EOS 5 is the world’s first 35mm SLR camera with Eye Controlled Focus. The camera has five focusing points (||+||). You just look at the desired focusing point to select it and the camera autofocuses at that point. It was a dream feature. A focusing point can also be selected manually."

"Other outstanding features include silent operation, 16-zone evaluative metering linked to the five focusing points, 3.5% spot metering at center, center-weighted averaging metering, shutter speed-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, Intelligent program AE, depth-of-field AE, Programmed Image Control modes, and metered manual."


You can still find the legacy listing for this camera on Canon's camera museum website and read all about it!


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