Canon Rebel X (body)


Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)Canon Rebel X (body)


Canon Rebel X (body only)


We photograph each individual camera that we sell.  Please inspect photos for information about cosmetic condition.

Body SN: 6725041


Like other plastic-bodied SLRs of its type, its plastic construction belies its capabilities. 


This camera will give you the manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and program exposure modes which were developed throughout earlier decades; it also delivers multiple metering modes which are, as a rule, substantially more sophisticated than what some of those earlier stylish chrome bodies can offer. 


Bonus: this camera uses EF-mount lenses.  If you already own full-frame EF lenses that you use with a DSLR, most or all of your lenses should be transferable.  You should always check specific compatibility lens by lens and body by body, but if you enjoy shooting both film and digital (or are digital-only with a stable of EF lenses), this cross-compatibility lets you put the money you would have needed to spend on new lenses into film instead. 


This camera needs two CR123 batteries. Don't forget to put one in your cart!


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