Diana F+ Camera and Flash
Diana F+ Camera and Flash

Diana F+ Camera and Flash

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Relive the swingin’ sixties and shoot dreamy, color-drenched square images on 120 film with the Diana F+, fitted with its own flash.

  • Get the dreamy Diana aesthetic on 120 film

  • Light up your shots with the retro-looking Diana+ Flash

  • Splash your shots with color using the colored gel filters

  • Experiment with pinhole photos

  • Shoot multiple and long exposures with ease

Film Format: 120

Focal Length: 75 mm

Available Apertures: f8, f11, f16, pinhole

Shutter Speed: 1/60, Bulb (B)

Flash: Diana F+ Flash Plug, Diana F+ Hotshoe Flash Adapter

Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment

Multiple Exposure: Yes

Tripod Mount: Yes

Cable Release: No

Battery: 1 × AA

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Battery not included.