Energizer 303/357 Silver Oxide Button/Coin Cell 1.55V

Energizer 303/357 Silver Oxide Button/Coin Cell 1.55V

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The Energizer 303/357 silver oxide coin cell battery (1.55V) is a battery for some cameras and other photo devices.  This battery replaces the EPX76, SR44SW, SR44W, and more. 


You should always reference both a camera manual and a battery list when buying a battery for a new camera.  Essentially all battery brands have their own names and listings.  Many camera manuals only have older names for the batteries, dating back to the mercury era.


A clarification for this particular battery:


It is important to use the right batteries for your camera or device.  The 303/357 silver oxide battery lasts longer than the similar alkaline LR44 battery; they are similar but not truly identical.  The 303/357 is a 1.55V battery and the LR44 is 1.5V.  The 303/357 is a silver oxide battery, which means it lasts longer, but it also has a different discharge curve.  Most cameras or devices can operate from either battery and a few cannot or should not.  Please contact us if you're unsure which battery is appropriate for your camera.


In most circumstances, batteries with an "A" in the name can be used interchangeably with batteries with an "L" or "S" and all of those replace mercury batteries, which are no longer used. 



General battery shorthand: A = alkaline, L = lithium, S = silver