Holga 120 S


Holga 120 SHolga 120 SHolga 120 SHolga 120 SHolga 120 SHolga 120 SHolga 120 S


The Holga 120 S is a film camera perfect for a medium format beginner. With 6 x 6 cm, this Holga film camera delivers square format pictures. This camera has hot shoe as a flash option, which helps to capture bright and lively images. This Holga camera adds a dreamy feel to your photos where you need not use any picture enhancing software. The Holga 120 S camera's shutter releases on the side of lens, which allows light into the lens for proper brightness. This Holga film camera let you use multi exposures for correct exposure. This camera has the ability of taking 120 pictures. This Holga camera is easy to operate and being plastic-constructed, makes it truly lightweight.

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