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Membership | Film Pro




This membership choice is meant for volume shooters who shoot more than 20 rolls per month.  Discounted film pricing will apply for up to 200 rolls per month (that's 40 propacks).


Our membership pricing is the same for every tier -- the only difference is how many discounted rolls your membership will get you.  Check out our incredible savings with member pricing.


A note for prospective international customers: at this time, our only international shipping is to Canada.


2022 update: In response to recent film shortages, we are currently enforcing purchase caps on select products.  These caps are subject to change based on film availability, as is which products have a purchase cap at all at any given time.  If a specific film product you want has a purchase cap, you may not be able to maximize your monthly purchases for that one item only (i.e. for some products you cannot order 200 rolls of the same thing in one month because supply cannot meet demand or because an item is out of stock).  Film availability is not a guaranteed part of membership.  For information about any current ordering restrictions, contact


We cannot refund Film Pro memberships on a pro rated basis.  Once you purchase the membership, it is good for one year.  If you cancel, your year will run out and then the membership will simply not renew at your next renewal date.


Purchasing this membership means you agree to those terms.


Check out with this membership in your cart (and nothing else in your cart) to join and get all the benefits of Film Supply Club.

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