Minolta Maxxum 4


Minolta Maxxum 4Minolta Maxxum 4Minolta Maxxum 4Minolta Maxxum 4Minolta Maxxum 4


The Minolta Maxxum 4 is the perfect camera to carry on your next adventure. Whether you are new to photography, or a seasoned amateur, the Maxxum 4 has all the features to create beautiful images and a sophisticated ergonomic design to make photography intuitive and effortless.

Its super-fast autofocus system with a central cross sensor and two vertical side sensors enables you to capture razor-sharp images of fast-moving subjects. The 14-segment honeycomb-pattern metering system ensures beautiful photos under the most difficult lighting conditions. For creative image compositions, the ability to switch between the wide focus area and the local focus areas is available in order to single out an off-center subject without recomposing the shot.

For maximum autofocus control, the Maxxum 4 has three AF modes: single-shot, continuous/predictive, and automatic. Single-shot AF locks focus on stationary subjects. Continuous/predictive AF tracks moving subjects right up to and during the moment of shutter release. Automatic AF determines whether the subject is moving or still, and will automatically select either single-shot or continuous/predictive AF.

The built-in quartz-data back imprints the date or time right onto the photo, making it very useful for cataloging photographs and making photo records of important events. Data imprinting can be turned on or off as desired.

The Maxxum 4 has many advanced features packed into its light, compact body, including:


  • A built-in flash with auto, off, fill-flash, red-eye reduction (which greatly reduces the red-eye effect in portraits), and wireless remote flash control modes
  • Spot metering for measuring the brightness of a small area within a scene
  • Subject Program Selection function that optimizes the camera for specific situations; modes include portrait, landscape, close-up, sports action, and night portrait
  • Continuous film advance enables you to capture action scenes as they unfold, advancing the film at 1.7 frames per second as long as the shutter-release button is held down
  • The viewfinder provides a bright, clear image, important when working in low-light conditions or with slow lenses

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