Olympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 Lens


Olympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 LensOlympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 LensOlympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 LensOlympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 LensOlympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 LensOlympus Pen-FT with 40mm 1.4 Lens


The Pen series is a family of half-frame cameras made by Olympus from 1959 to the beginning of the 1980s. Aside from the Pen F series of half-frame SLRs, they are fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. This camera is in the F series and does have interchangeable lenses.

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Olympus Pen FT Camera SN: 239248

Olympus G. Zuiko 40mm F1.4 Lens SN: 163155

Camera and lens are in very clean conditions.

The Olympus Pen FT replaced the Pen F in 1966. It introduced a number of minor improvements (i.e. a single-stroke film advance instead of double stroke, a self-timer and a focusing screen with a micro prism) and one major advance in the form of open-aperture TTL (through the lens) exposure metering. This was at a time such things were still something of a novelty. The metering system utilized a semi-silvered mirror that directed some light to the metering cell, and the rest to the viewfinder. This resulted in a viewfinder that was unfortunately a little dimmer than the original Pen F.

Manual for the Olympus Pen FT 

In 2009, Olympus introduced the PEN E-P1,[1] a Micro Four Thirds system digital camera which the company touts as the next-generation Pen camera. All Olympus PEN digital camera series have built-in sensor-shift image stabilization and (except for the E-P1) can use an optional electronic viewfinder which should be slid into its hotshoe.[2]

The Pen EE was introduced in 1961 and was the amateur model, with fully automatic exposure and fixed focusing. It is a true point and shoot camera, and has a 28mm f/3.5 lens. The Pen EE family is easily recognized by the selenium meter window around the lens.

The Pen EE.S, launched in 1962, is the same model with a 30mm f/2.8 and a focusing ring, made necessary by the wider aperture.

In 1966 the two cameras were slightly modified and became the Pen EE (EL) and Pen EE.S (EL) with a modification of the take-up spool to make film loading easier. EL stands for Easy Loading. You can only recognize them by a small label marked EL stuck on the front, or you can open them and look at the take-up spool.

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