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Pentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AFPentax PC35 AF


This camera shows signs of use. The condition can be seen in photos.


  • Pentax PC35 AF SN: 2312425

The Pentax PC35 AF was the first 35mm compact camera with autofocus from Pentax released in about 1982. Its name led to a whole range of Pentax PC cameras. A Pentax PC35 AF Date version is also available. Early examples are made in Japan, later production was moved to Hong Kong. It is available in black, and green camouflage. They were also sold bundled with the PC35 Winder film advance motor accessory in silver, red and black.

There are later versions in 1984 with power-winding (PC35 AF-M), a date function (PC35 AF-M Date), and a special edition model in 1985 (PC35 AF-M SE).

The 35mm f/2.8 lens is protected by a sliding cover that can be released by pressing down on a small tab on the right side of the cover. The lens is able to focus from 0.7m to infinity. To focus aim the circle in the viewfinder to the subject and half-press on the shutter release. The bottom of the viewfinder frame displays the approx focusing distance with pictures of a single guy 0.7m, a couple 1.5m, and mountain infinity. A needle points to the distance. The top of the finder frame has a green indicator for correct exposure. If orange, an audible beep is heard so light is insufficient and flash may need to be used. The flash can pop up by releasing the switch on the base of the camera. A led on the left of the finder eyelet will be green when the flash is charged. An exposure compensation button is on top of the camera, it changes the exposure by +1.5EV.

The camera can use film from 25-400 ASA/ISO. There is no DX reading and film speed is set on the base of the camera with a sliding switch below the lens. The ASA/ISO stops are 25, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, and 400. The film is advanced with a thumbwheel. The exposure counters numbers are in white, but the numbers 0, 20, 24, 26 are in orange. Rewinding the film requires releasing the film tension with a button and flipping up the metal film rewind crank on the base.

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