Sears T.L.S. with 55mm F1.4 Lens


Sears T.L.S. with 55mm F1.4 LensSears T.L.S. with 55mm F1.4 LensSears T.L.S. with 55mm F1.4 LensSears T.L.S. with 55mm F1.4 Lens


This is a 35mm mechanical, manual single lens reflex camera from the 1960s.  Department stores such as Sears used to sell rebranded cameras made by traditional camera companies.  The Sears T.L.S. is a rebranded Ricoh camera.  This camera is accompanied by a 55mm 1.4 Auto-Sears lens.


We photograph ever individual used camera that we sell.  Please inspect photos carefully for information about cosmetic condition.


Body serial number: 276368

Lens serial number: 274539


The T.L.S. is extremely streamlined and would be a great camera to learn on.  The 1.4 maximum aperture is a nice bonus on a beginner camera, giving you that extra boost of light.


  • Stop-down metering
  • A needle meter in the viewfinder
  • Shutter speeds from bulb to 1/1000th
  • Aperture is set manually via aperture ring
  • Self-timer
  • Flash sync possible


This camera used a PX625 1.35V battery.  Mercury batteries are no longer made.  You can use a Wein Cell PX625 Replacement, which is the closest to the original.  Alkaline and silver oxide versions are also available, with slightly different voltage and discharge.

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